Boosting your performance




Turnaround Management

Sometimes companies find themselves in the midst of a crisis. Market situations may change rapidly or the organization has nurtured an unhealthy culture that over time is causing severe business disturbance. Facing major turmoil calls for firm crisis management. The Northern Lights Alliance partners have all been sailing through dark waters, been leading turnaround management projects and learned what works and what does not. We inject control, direction and energy into your organization and provide guidance and advice to not only put an end to the problem but also to ensure that you gain the know-how and tools necessary to continue on a safe journey ahead. To put it short – we turn your crisis into a success.

Performance Improvement in Sales & Operations

From time to time organizations face challenges of various magnitudes. Companies may have cash flow or profitability problems, seeing the number of customer complaints increasing or facing delivery delays due to road blocks in the supply chain. We have played a main role in performance improvement projects in various business areas and different companies across the world. The solution to be applied may be called Lean, Kaizen, 5S, process redesign, leadership coaching or cross-cultural training. Regardless of the label, however, we bring know-how and advisory to the table to help your organization overcome the immediate challenge and ensure a healthy, efficient and sustainable way forward.

Project Management

Managing a change effort – a project – belongs to the very core of our partner network. For more than two decades we have been developing and fine-tuning our skills and ability to successfully implement changes of various kinds. Our areas of expertise include ERP implementations, 5S projects and production transfers as well as complex turnaround cases. We never let go of the Cost, Schedule and Performance (CSP) focus and ensure that at any time you are on top of costs, progress, next steps, and the risks ahead. Successful project management also requires strong people leading skills. We are rooted in Nordic leadership values in our efforts to drive change, seeing this as a success factor to boost commitment and sustainability.